Face Care

A selection of the finest organic products curated by the owner herself to help combat just about any problem you may need help with. Used by themselves or as part of our recommended four part facial care routine which includes a cleanser, a toner, and both a day and night time moisturizer, in just a minutes a day you will be on your way to having clean, clear, healthy skin.


The first step in any facial care routine.  Our blend of cleansing oils absorb into your skin nourishing poors while pushing dirt and other toxins to the surface.  Once it pushes these to the surface, simple remove with a hot wash cloth.


The second step in our facial car routine helps balance your skin's sebum.  Sebum is a naturally oil produced by your body that helps moisturize and protect your skin.


The third and fourth step in a comprehensive facial care routine includes moisturizing.  Aimed at attracting and retaining the moisture in your skin, a good moisturizer will also help heal and repair damaged skin cells.  Heaven Scent recommends and offers both a day and night moisturizer.  Both essential oil based, these two moisturizers are designed to help heal and replenish worn skin. 

Our system includes specially designed formulas which are 100% organic and all natural, non-GMO, and 100% vegan.

We offer products aimed at the following skin types and suggest they be used as part of a four part facial care routine for best results.

Anti-Aging Line

A blend designed to repair mature skin, improve elasticity, and reduce fine lines and blemishes.

Oily Skin Line

Designed to help skin regulate and bring into balance its natural oil production. 

Sensitive, Dry, Combination Skin Line

Aimed at reducing pore size as well as providing extra moisturizer to dry skin, balancing skin sebum, and promoting balanced healthy skin.  Works well for acne prone skin.


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